Personal Update

well, that’s less than desirable.

13 February, 2008 (11:09) | Personal Update

I called off sick yesterday.  Ended up spending a lot of the time on the phone with family drama.  I’ll end there.

Deirdre’s in tulsa, OK visiting a friend while she has a few days off between her play, Alice sit by the Fire.  So i’ve been home alone with the 3 legged cat.  I’m totally bummed out.

I woke up at 7 today to make it in to work by 8, an hour earlier than i usually do.  I waited at the bus stop for 45 minutes with no bus ever coming, so I walked to work in the snow.  I was 4 minutes late.

A guy from the northpark clubhouse had emailed me back in January after he heard my music online and he wanted talk to about me playing a show for an event they wanted to have.  I talked to him twice over the phone, the second time he confirmed that we had the gig, but he just needed to confirm the date.  I told him I’d stop over on a Thursday to check out the sound equipment and such.  Jordan and I showed up, but they told me that he had to go to the hospital earlier that day because he was sick.  He hasn’t returned voicemails or emails for 3 weeks now.  I don’t know if he’s dead or what.

The project that i’m working on is turning into a department within a few months.  I do not have a position in the new department because I’m considered a borrowed resource.  I have no desire to go back to the helpdesk, but I also don’t have leads for a different position down here yet.