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a question of morals: Simplicity versus honesty

26 February, 2008 (17:27) | Thoughts & Ideas

so, you go to wendy’s and order a burger and a bottle of water during their busy lunch hour.  You get everything, sit down, and notice that they didn’t charge you for the water.  Do you go back and tell them?  I know a few people who would immediately say, "without a doubt."  But the over thinker in me thinks about the complications and intricate effects of your actions.  You have to jump line and deal with it which prevents everyone else from ordering and making their lunch shorter.  Maybe that cashier is new or just having a bad day, we all have them, and you pointing out their error will be heard by their manager, and they’ll get in trouble.  I go by the motto forgive and forget.  What will be will be.  que sara sara.  How about you?


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