Personal Update


25 February, 2008 (13:57) | Personal Update

you’d think I’d have something to say…something to rant about…after a week of nothing notable being posted, surely I’d have some storehouse full of interesting thoughts or ideas…surely something would have happened in a week that I could share with you…but I’m at a loss.  I’ve been too busy with work and life to have time to sit down and think.  I’ve been defaulting to my lack of motivation home life where I veg and stare lifelessly at the television watching america’s next top model walk by.  I think if i took a vacation at this point, that’d be all I’d do anyway.  Vacations need to be timed just right for me or they’re wasted.  I just got to keep my head above the water until my head gets straight enough to see what needs to get done and then I’ll get it done.  weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.