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Give me my money back, you B%@#*

3 November, 2010 (12:00) | Ramblings

This is effing ridiculous.  A class action lawsuit waiting to happen.  If anyone knows an attorney, I’d be willing to talk to them and split the winnings with you. So I get contacts earlier this spring, and each of the 4 boxes come with a $10 mail in rebate for CooperVision.  So i send in […]

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no constellation at the belly but they got the machine to make ’em come off, come on.

15 October, 2010 (12:00) | Ramblings

I hate dress socks.  Why do I have to wear them? Because that’s what society says is normal and acceptable to be considered “dressed up”?  Not good enough. Because they’re dark?  How about I got a pair of WHITE dress socks in a variety pack.  WTF???  When would I EVER want to wear white dress […]

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Tell your mom to stop calling me trash

8 September, 2010 (12:00) | Ramblings

WTF is up with trash bag sizing?  Why can’t we have standards here?  My whole life, I’ve struggled with the trash bag being too small and falling into the can, and then all the grossness builds up as it falls between the bag and wall and to the bottom of the can.  Either that, or […]

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Sometimes I feel

3 September, 2010 (14:13) | Ramblings

WTF am i missing here? I went to dictionary.com, typed in “bousy” and it said it wasn’t a word. Then i googled for “bousy” and it came up with a result on dictionary.com WTF

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Hall’s Rules of Social Order # 189

17 May, 2010 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Companies that charge you for stupid things should never be trusted.  You are only to embark on agreements with them out of necessity.  If they’re not smart enough to think you’re smart enough to call "B.S." on a "convenience fee" or a "franchise fee" then they do not deserve your business.  The very least they […]

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Hall’s Rules of Social Order #297

19 April, 2010 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Political opinions are like butt holes; Everyone has one and they all stink.  To extend the analogy, they should not be revealed in public places.  To extend it even further, possibly into metaphor, If you are so emotional about your political opinion and it’s all you really think about, perhaps your head is a little […]

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