Top 10

the top 10 worst things about being single…for me at least.

25 April, 2008 (11:16) | Top 10

There’s certainly pros to being single, I will not dispute that.  Maybe someday I’ll highlight those too.


10.  when I go to church, it’s hard not to be looking for single girls.  That’s the wrong reason to go to church, and the distraction is usually a reason for me not to go.

9.  family always asks "what happened to so-and-so" or "when are you going to find someone?"

8.  It’s so much easier to make a good meal when i’m cooking for 2.

7.  there’s no one that has to tolerate my annoying tendencies.

6.  I always have to find something to do.  I miss the default being "hanging out with so-and-so" instead of "sitting at home by myself"

5.  My friend base isn’t expanding quite as rapidly as i’d like.

4.  Neither are my cultural horizons.

3.  It’s getting harder and harder every day to find a girl that likes bald men.

2.  eHarmony never fails to say it can’t find any matches for me.  Wonders for the self-confidence.

1.  I write blog entries like this one.