I think you’re crazy, I think you’re crazy.

24 April, 2008 (16:20) | Pittsburgh

What the heck is up with Don Barden?  This guy is probably the worst business man I’ve ever read stories about.  He didn’t want to play ball with the penguins when he first got the license, then he didn’t want to play ball with the steelers and pirates, then he didnt want to play ball with the science center, then he didn’t want to play ball with the city on the parking garage design, then he wants to take his $3 million ball and go away from the hill district, and now he’s saying that everyone is picking on him.  For someone who will ultimately be wanted to attract customers, he’s not being very customer focused.

Even though it’s true that the financial failures of his other casinos and larger companies should have no affect on the Pittsburgh venture, I think a few flags should be raised on what’s to come.  Barden seems like a guy who sees the growing potential of pittsburgh as something to take advantage of, not something to be a part of an encourage.  He doesn’t care about what’s in his way, just get it out of his way.  He’s not making any friends, and that’s not going to get him any slack or favor in the long run.

If you ask me, when you start saying that there’s a conspiracy and everyone is out to get you, you’re about to crack.  You’ve lost your marbles and you need to snap back to reality before reality snaps you.