Wax Poetic

Love Me Like Your Meteorologist

29 June, 2008 (23:01) | Wax Poetic

Because you can wing it
And just hope and pray
for a little bit of sun
and not a drop of rain

Because you don’t need me
But you want to hear and see
How I can help you plan your daily drive
Leave a little early; storm comes at five.

Because I will warn you
When a storm is on the way
Or when to set the kids’ curfew
But I’m still around, when skies come back to blue.

Because you like my blue screen
Or whatever it is that goes on behind me
I know what I’m talking about, when it’s not there
I orchestrate this whole deal, to let you know I care.

Because I’m wrong, but try so hard
You accept my flaws, and trust me still
You stay faithful, and I try not to let you down
I’ll do better next time.  I promise, I will.


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