Someone set us up the .bomb

1 July, 2008 (11:37) | News

Soon, you’ll be able to register any top level domain (TLD) you like.  A TLD is like the .net, .com., .org, .gov, etc of websites.  This will be chaos on a stick.  So many peope are going to be "cybersquatting" which means I would go and register .pepsi before Pepsi would, and if they wanted it, they could buy it from me, if I was willing and liked their offer.

This might at first be a new and inovative thing, but this is not an expansion of our current system if this turns out how I think it will.  No one will be registering .com sites anymore.  So what we’ll really see is a change of our existing orderly and common knowledge system.  The ctrl+enter keyboard shortcut will be used less and less when going to websites.  Everyone is just going to be cutting off the .net and .com and all that, so we’re basically eliminating the TLD system and it will be a free-for-all.

granted, I’m already thinking about registering .joshhall, because I think i could get ahead of the others out there…i dunno.  it’s approved.  It’s happening.  We’ll see if it’ll will be the epic fail i’m expecting it to be.