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Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

12 June, 2008 (14:29) | House Ideas

Growing up, we had this garden of sorts in the back yard.  It was about…40 feet by 25 feet.  I barely remember what we grew in it, I think i remember some lettuce or cauliflower rows, but I know I remember the strawberry section we had right next to the shed.  We had a little fencing thing around it to keep animals from eating them.  I use to love to sneak a strawberry or two.  wow, I must have been like 6 and I remember that pretty well.

I also remember going over Bruce Watson’s old house and seeing his garden.  Man, that was a sight to behold.  He had at least an acre or two of solid garden on the hill of his backyard.  If you don’t know, Bruce is a main character in the story of my childhood, whether he knows it or not.  But he’d tell stories about how he’d stand on his back porch early in the morning and raise his arms out and shout to his garden, "GARDEN!  GROW!  PLANTS!  GROW!" and that is what he attributed the success of his garden to.

To the point and sentiment/reminiscing aside, I want a garden at my house.  More to the point, a green house.  Not just any green house though, think Big Top Pee-Wee’s greenhouse.  I want it to be techy, of course.  Finger print entry, automated sprinklers, temperature and moisture regulators, hydroponic solutions, the works.  I want to be able to go get fresh fruits, vegetables, etc anytime I want.  I’m certainly not against working in the greenhouse, I’d actually love to take care of plants like that.  I’d just want to be able to live off veggies and fruits if a nuclear holocaust were to happen, ya know?  It’s like my own plan B. 

 Next post I’ll talk about the moat and electric fence surrounding the property…