Wax Poetic


22 December, 2008 (22:35) | Wax Poetic

Some text is clearly written. We consider this normal and expected.
If I wRiTe In AlTeRnAtInG-cApS oN a ReSuMe, It WiLl MoSt LiKeLy Be ReJeCtEd.
Some text we italicize to whisper quietly, but words never make a sound.
Underlining words makes sure what we’ve written is found.
When Jesus spoke, he apparently spoke in red.
All 2 cmnly, we abbrv. what u said.
I can say something without you knowing, by changing the <font color> to white,
Maybe a secret, an "easter egg", or just something to spite.
I’m fascinated at the replacements or tools we have in place,
To relay the intonations, hand gestures, or looks on a face.
Text to symbols of <3, :), :(,
But love, happy, and sad, aren’t as simple as that.
Just different people using different ways to express differences.
Whether boldly, quietly, OSTENTATIOUSLY, or whatever the variance is.
There’s no point here, or "." as some say.
I hope I chose the right way(s) on the right day…


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