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I begin to stupify

22 December, 2008 (17:18) | Thoughts & Ideas

I watched this video about why never to talk to the cops, ever, even if you’re innocent, and I wonder how many people have been self-incriminated.  Then I look at a carton of goldfish snacks, and it says, "DO NOT PURCHASE IF CARTON IS OPEN OR TORN" and I chuckle at the thought of someone being that dumb to risk their health or life for a box of goldfish.  There are tons of stupid product labels and warnings out there, and I wonder what happened to make these necessary.  Usually there’s a lawsuit involved, but sometimes, like the 82 childlock tylenol bottles, companies recognize a problem and resolve it.  It just boggles my mind not how stupid people can be, but how much help people need to save themselves from themselves!


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