I’ll knit you a sweater

10 December, 2008 (00:59) | Ramblings

Something is off in the world these days.  Stereo-types are being altered.  I’m going to ask you to define the profile or person that first comes to mind when I say the word…GRAFFITI.   Young, black, male, doesn’t care about himself or others.  Somewhat accurate right?  and if I do the same for Knitting…grandma.  Kind of a clash there, right?  Well, there’s sort of a movement going on.  There’s a lot of knitting graffiti going on in the country, and even here in Pittsburgh.  Call it urban knitting, call it a sign of the economic hardship where people can’t afford a can of spray paint so they buy some yarn.  Whatever it is, I think I like it.

Major urban knitting pictures

CMU Artist weaves yarn in Oakland fence.