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My name is Mudd

14 May, 2009 (19:03) | Little Things

So i get this random newsletter in my email the other day from this summer camp program in Australia.  My initial thought was that it was just spam, but it looks way to legit.  So I go ahead and go through the unsubscribe steps, and just shrug it off.  A day or two later, I get an email from "Joshua Hall" saying that he’s working to process my unsubscription but couldn’t find my email address in their DB.  Turns out I got my own numerous email accounts mixed up when I attempted to unsubscribe, but that’s pretty funny I just natually ran into another Josh Hall.

This comes a day after Kallie tells me that one of the big doctor’s at her office has a son named Josh and his last name is also Hall.  So Kallie is going to have to explain repeatedly that she is not marrying Dr. Hall’s son, I’m sure.

My curse.


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