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Babies of the 80s

19 May, 2009 (00:27) | Thoughts & Ideas

Sitting around a friend’s house Saturday, Nick, Andy, and I had a fleeting idea for a new business.  We’ll call it Retro’s.  It’s a store where they have every video game console available for you to play.  You’d have to have the systems behind a case, and only employees are allowed to handle them.  Patrons can come in, pay a membership fee or some equivalent to play any game from the library of video games you have in stock.  Now, the cool part is, as you’re starting out, you, of course, want to build an inventory.  So, you barter membership time for game titles or systems that you do not currently have in stock.  Eventually, you’d have a pretty awesome collection of all kinds of games and systems, and you didn’t really have to do work for it at all.