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15 October, 2009 (17:04) | Thoughts & Ideas

Had this idea on our honeymoon to chichen itza.  You used to be able to climb up the pyramids, but since 2005, after someone fell down them and died, they have been closed off.  I wanted nothing more that day to go up those steps.  There’s even a doorway at the foot of the pyramid that you used to be able to tour the inside.  The root of the idea is everything has a price.  If I paid someone enough money, they would let me do it.  It’s just a matter of finding that person and negotiating with them.

So that’s what this company does.  We go to popular destinations like chichen itza, sports stadiums, etc and draft a contract with them.  Each contract would have to be custom tailored to protect the interest and investment of the site and the members.  Things like only 5 members at a time, have to be a site staff person with them, only able to go after hours or certain times of the years, etc.  The site has the benefit of free advertising through our website and brochures etc.  So we’d have sites interested in offering us a special service, maybe even to the point where they would approach us once it got popular.

We could also have members make requests for a specific event or site.  We would act as the broker for them, building upon our previous reputation and experience.  There could be different membership rates and options.

  We’ll call it the Blue Jacket Members club or something.  The logo would be a capital M with a circle above it, to look like someone in a jacket.  We’d put little logos at the ticket counters of each of the spots we had agreements with.  The long term goal is to just keep on building up a portfolio of places to see and experience to the point where common conversation is "oh yeah, we went to that place too, but we did the Blue Jacket Members Tour and it was a blast." 



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