And just like the movies

16 March, 2011 (12:00) | Dreams

Someone needs to invent the technology to record dreams. I have so many ideas and write so many songs in my dreams that I can’t remember when I wake up. This is one of the ideas that I do remember.

I was involved in the creation and marketing of a device that added realism to movies. It was a simple box that could hang on the back of a movie theater seat or get placed on a stand in front of the movie watcher. The box (2 feet wide, 4 inches tall, 4 inches deep) had things like a water sprayer or mist creator, a fan, and even digital “voting” panel. It all sounds cheap, but it was put together well. Anyway, me and a few other people were marketing this thing to movie theaters as a cheap way to “upgrade” their movie theaters.

The idea is that when someone splashes some water in the movie, the audience would get a little spray from the box. The movie could also have “alternate stories” or something where the audience could vote what happens next and the movie would show that story line. This technology already exists when you go to theme parks like disney world and the “4d” shows that interact with the audience, but that’s the only place for it. My group was trying to break that into the real world theaters and even in homes by putting it in one simple box that was inexpensive. It would require some pre-production work to get signals sent to the device to sync up with the movie, but for theaters, you could even just have a man in a booth doing all the work for all the devices.

Anyway, I think it was catching on in the movie.