Wax Poetic

lightning crashes, a new mother cries

26 May, 2011 (12:00) | Wax Poetic

A Mother’s Loss

As my son bends his knees
Under his blanket, enjoying his dreams
I place my head on the doorway
Wanting to tell him that I don’t have the words to say.

Every morning he grabs his bag, and darts for that yellow bus
As I wave farewell, and thank God for how He’s blessed us
With a house, with love, with each other, and so much more.
And a smile smacks me in the face as I step back from the front door.

My day goes on, with images of him at school on my mind
I see him opening the door for ladies, being generous and kind
My son makes me proud, prouder than anything I have done on my own
and before I know it, it’s time to meet him back at our home.

He does his work, has a snack, and tells me about his day
Then it’s right out the door to go out to play
Every day, we do the same routine
And every night, my son comes back to me.

Night brings sheets of black cloth over your eyes
And the silence is broken with bullets and cries
Bullets of blame, hatred, and shame
Cries of mercy, confusion, and pain.

His bed stayed empty that night.
As empty as the gun, that took his life.
As empty as my mouth without the words to say
I love you, I miss you, and I think about you every day.