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You and me, between the sheets

18 May, 2011 (12:00) | Poll the People

I’m not sure there’s a global norm or scientist/hygiene recommended expiration date on sheets.  There especially confusion (for me, at least) around sheets in the guest room.  Do you only put on the sheets when they arrive?  How long can you leave the sheets on there before someone uses them or they need to be washed again?  Do you just wash the sheets or do you wash the blankets at the same time intervals?  Does it really just depend on who you are?


How often do you change your sheets?

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  • I wish I had as much time to think about inane things as you do Joshie. Of course, if I did have that time, I probably wouldn’t think much about my sheets. I love really old sheets cuz they are softer than crunchy new ones, but either way I like them clean. There was no choice for most every week, so I had to go as needed. 

  • I think it’s funny that once a week isn’t an option…a lot of people wash them weekly.  I think 1-2 weeks on my own sheets is best, though sometimes time gets away from me.  You already know I’m a fan of clean sheets for all guests, and prefer them fresh from the dryer! 🙂