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You still suck

31 July, 2014 (14:06) | Poll the People

How often does your house get vacuumed?  I’m not talking about pulling it out for spot vacuuming after a mess.  I’m talking about a full house sweep.  I would think kids and visual dirt play a big role in how often it happens.  let me know your scenario!

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Hall’s Rule of Social Order #30

22 October, 2012 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Carpets do not belong in bathrooms.   That’s just nasty.

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Top 10 tips to staying organized

29 November, 2011 (12:00) | Top 10

I like being organized.  I like lists because they help me stay organized.  Give me a list of tips on how to stay organized and I’m in heaven. http://www.cnn.com/2011/LIVING/08/02/organized.people.o/index.html? To summarize, it’s easier to be organized when you reduce the amount of stuff you have to organize and you make the steps required for being […]

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You and me, between the sheets

18 May, 2011 (12:00) | Poll the People

I’m not sure there’s a global norm or scientist/hygiene recommended expiration date on sheets.  There especially confusion (for me, at least) around sheets in the guest room.  Do you only put on the sheets when they arrive?  How long can you leave the sheets on there before someone uses them or they need to be […]

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How a Look Sounds

8 October, 2010 (12:00) | Wax Poetic

You were odd, and I was awed by the scene that I’ve seen one thousand times in TIME’s big story I read in big bold red capital letters, capitol letters to the Prince of Persia, prints of presents to be bestowed in his presence by a maid who made the room appear like a pier […]

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