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The expiration date, Rapidly coming up, It’s leaving me behind to rank

19 October, 2011 (12:00) | Poll the People

How important are expiration dates to you?  They’re intended to protect consumers from health risks, but also maintain quality of the product.  I almost think that not following dates becomes more wasteful of your time since you’re constantly evaluating the quality or the “edible level” rather than just drawing the line and moving on.  Efficiency of the use of your time or even protecting your own health comes in to play.  Is the risk of being and feeling sick worth the ~$1.60 of salad dressing left in the bottle?  I bet if you got sick, you’d be willing to pay more money to feel instantly better.  There a science in the decision making process we could get into, but I’ll just ask the question.

How important are expiration dates?

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