Daddy Log

It’s dangerous out there. Here, take this.

7 May, 2012 (12:58) | Daddy Log

i just learned that diaper changing is warfare.  I thought it was merely routine maintenance before.  I took off her diaper, cleaned her up, bent down to toss the dirty diaper, leaving her exposed to the elements, but I didn’t realize I was exposing myself to the line of fire.  BOOM.  orange solids and liquids shot out of her anus in a stream that seemed destined for my being.  she got it all over the changing table, dresser, diaper bin, and carpet, and I escaped.  This time.  Seeing her attempt had failed, she let off the self destruct device; her bladder.  Urine covered her body and what was left of the changing pad.

You win this time, Juliette.  Your father will be more prepared in the future.


  • Gbisbey1952

    Sadly this is something you will get used to. I don’t have kids but have five nieces and nephews they let me tell you she will win more times then you do.