Room with a view

31 August, 2012 (12:00) | Dreams

I had a dream where I was in a weird sci-fi building made up of a whole bunch of rooms linked together.  The rooms were about 8 feet tall, 10 feet wide, and about 20 feet long, but the corners were all rounded, much more like a stretched out bubble.  Everything was like a dark metal or bluish grey.  some rooms had benches in the middle of them.  Others had these 6 foot tall panels extended from the floors.  They were about 4 feet wide and 1 inch thick and their color matched the rest of the room.

I was following someone, maybe 2 people, through these corridor rooms until we came to a room that had 2 of these panels in the middle of it, angled at a V with maybe a foot space in between them.  The people who were leading me told me to stay in the room as they went into the next room.  They went in the other room to start the simulation system, that would project or recreate the past in this room in 3D space.  The panels existed as places for the viewer to hide behind, so as to not interrupt the people being watched.  As they started they simulation up, the room changed to be an outdoor scene, possible the back yard of my childhood home.  As the simulation became more and more real, 2 individuals began to appear on the same side of the panels as me, and they were looking right at me.  They were 2 men, in dark shiny suites, thin short black hair.  The one in front was shorter than the one in the back.  Both men were in their 40s.

Normal behavior for these simulations would call for the viewer to just hide behind the panels and observe, but what I realized was this was actually a simulation of these 2 men watching that same simulation before me.  By me interrupting them, they became aware of my existence and started to come after me.  I began panicking, yelling for the people who started the simulation for help.  They spoke over a loud speaker to me that I needed to subdue the men before they were able to attack me.

The subtext was these men were after me, and had watched simulations of my childhood, but now that I had caught them, I not only revealed who they were, but I also delivered me right to them.

There’s certainly some weird time travel at play; having an interactive role in the past, but I like the concept.