Hall's Rules of Social Order

Hall’s Rule of Social Order – #159

24 September, 2012 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

You deserve nothing.  Live like it.


You may find life is more rewarding as a result.  An inflated self-image and sense of entitlement are like termites eating out the supports of your house until the supports can no longer bear the load.  Once your world comes crashing down on you, it’s more efficient to wipe and start all over.  Then you don’t have to deal with the tears, depression, pity, blah blah blah.  Get over it and enjoy the freedom of not deserving anything.

The fact is, if you think you deserve it, you either have to take it from who has it yourself, or expect them to give it to you.  Neither of those result in anyone thinking better of you –except maybe yourself, and sometimes that doesn’t even work out.