Withings smart baby monitor is the best darn baby monitor you will ever encounter

27 September, 2012 (12:00) | Reviews

In short – If Apple were to make a baby monitor, it would be the Withings Smart Baby Monitor.


You will want it as soon as you see your friend use it.  When you look at the package, you will think that little naked cherubs designed it all to fit together for you to unwrap and open.  I almost cried.

The word “baby”, when used as an adjective, has the same effect as the word “wedding” used in the same manner.  Specifically, it sends prices to outrageous levels.  most baby monitors available have the quality of a webcam from 1992, and the features of a walkie talkie.  Some actually are just that, A FREAKING WALKIE TALKIE that my brother and I played with in 1986!

-wait- I just looked at my Withings smart baby monitor; I’m calm again.  It has that effect on me, just imagine what it does for a baby 1/8 of my size.  I mean, look at it.



Doesn’t that make you want to fall asleep thinking safe and warm thoughts?  Speaking of safety, you could use the baby monitor as a surveillance camera because the image quality is effing great IN THE DAY OR IN THE NIGHT.  That’s right, NIGHT VISION.  This things tricked out like a Russian submarine.  Infact, this submarine has multiple periscopes in the form of my and my wife’s iphones.  At work?  No problem, as long as you have internet, you can AUTHENTICATE (because that sounds more secure) to your monitor to watch and talk to your baby.  Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that?  You can send your voice through the device.  We’ve crossed the line to baby monitor and have entered the baby communication device territory.

This thing has all the bells and whistles.  Quite literally, since it can play music too.  Heck, change the ambient color of the device from your phone too.  What ever sets the right atmosphere for your baby…which reminds me, you can get a ready of temperature AND EFFING HUMIDITY IN THE ROOM.  how’s that for atmosphere?

Did I mention it’s portable?

This is it people.  I can’t think of a single feature the Withings smart baby monitor doesn’t do.

Except change my baby’s diaper.  version 2?