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Pittsburgh Penguins logo in LEGO Brick (version 2)

31 May, 2013 (20:27) | LEGO© Creations

 Someone had found my previous version from a few years ago and asked if it was for sale. I tore it down shortly after it was built, but I said I could recreate it pretty easily. I fixed a lot of the problems the old one had, and ALMOST had its weight centered on that 2×4 on the bottom.

As soon as we had an agreement to have it done in a couple days, I remembered the big problem with the first version was that it was too front heavy and I had to build this big cantilever system out the back…I do my best work under pressure.
It’s the same scale as the previous version, but I attempted to make it balance just on the 2×4 bottom brick. I WAS SO CLOSE, but the right side is just a little too heavy/extended with the foot and it wants to fall that way. The 8×8 brick base works well for a stand though.

It’s about 1,000 pieces and took a couple of hours to put together. I tried very hard to stick to the original version as a template and just diverted when I reached a problem I wanted to correct, like the head and hand being in front of the yellow triange instead of above it. I also made the triangle 4 studs deep to help shift the weight to the back.