Personal Update

Help Josh (not?) embarrass himself.

27 April, 2013 (23:44) | Personal Update

Help.  I’m registered to run the Pittsburgh marathon’s 5k this Saturday, May 4th for The L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry.  Fact is, I’m terribly out of shape.  When I signed up, I didn’t know we’d be expecting another baby in November.  I didn’t know we would be moving into a new house.  I didn’t know we’d be getting the old house ready to rent out.  I didn’t know Juliette weighed so much when I’d take her out for a run in her stroller!  I need your help to give me excuses why my running time will be so bad.

  •  If I get $100, I’ll run in jeans.  Whoever breaks the $100 threshold decides whether those jeans are cut offs, and if so, how short.
  •  If I break $200, I’ll wear a suit and tie.  I have no idea what the weather will be like.  But i’ll be the best dressed runner, I assure you.
  •  If I break $300, I’ll skip the entire last mile.  No, not bail out, I mean skip like in hop scotch.  For a mile.
  •  Guess what, I’m on call for work next weekend too.  It’s only fitting then, if I break $400, I’ll open a conference call and give all donors the info to dial in and I’ll give live progress updates for the duration of the race.
  •  If I break $500, I will do ALL OF THE THINGS.

To donate, use this link and just put my name in the comments section –

You all have heard me talk about the ministry before.  It’s one of the best ministries to the homeless, struggling, hungry, and forgotten public in Pittsburgh.  Not only the mission, but the staff are by far the most focused, compassionate, and  passionate people I’ve ever encountered.  Yes, I really want your help with excuses for my own selfish purposes, but know, it’s just partly about my pride.

Thanks, and May the 4th be with you…and me!