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Trapped inside an african hunger strike on the streets of Philadelphia

18 July, 2012 (12:00) | Poll the People

What is the most important world cause? Where do your priorities lie? Frame the question in the sense of if you had 1 chance to erradicate one of the items forever, which would it be?

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Hall’s Rule of Social Order – #128

28 May, 2012 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Corporations are not people. Corporations are run by people.  They are not individuals and should not be entitled to any rights, privileges, or opportunities that would supersede or even equal the rights of actual people.  

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Globes and maps I see surround you here

19 August, 2011 (12:00) | Thoughts & Ideas

Have you ever looked at states with straight border lines and wondered why they were straight and how true those straight lines were?  I have.  I want to play with those straight lines. I want to buy property right on the line in one state, then buy the adjoining property in the other state and […]

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