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Internet killed the video star

15 July, 2011 (12:00) | Poll the People

It’s been long  enough out of the original Napster era and RIAA filing extravaganzas that we can revisit this and see if there has been change.  In fact, there’s probably even room to take it a step further away from even acquiring music at all.  Some people may rely solely on places like last.fm, pandora, […]

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Your love is like a roller coaster baby

6 January, 2011 (12:00) | Life Long Goals

Not an original idea, but it seems like a lot of fun.  I’d like to try to sneak a chess board onto a roller coaster and submit it to xkcd.  If I could think of something else to do, that may work, but the chess board seems easy enough. http://xkcd.com/chesscoaster/

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