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We gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do

5 February, 2015 (13:30) | Thoughts & Ideas

First off, the end of the world is coming.   Now that we agree, what does that mean?  Read this – http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.html  both parts.  If you’re smart, your mind will be blown. Now, my realization after reading that and going to get a snack…What if “history repeats itself” is more meaningful than we know?  What […]

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Hey, remember me?

15 March, 2010 (22:01) | Personal Update

It’s been a while since I posted a personal update.  Things in married life go well.  New job goes well.  Thinking about going back to school in the fall.  That might be the level of detail you get in the updates going forward…not really sure.  I don’t really want to write about my life with […]

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have i mentioned it is cold?

31 January, 2004 (00:06) | Personal Update

no really, it is cold. in the negatives now. and snow and slush everywhere. but i will manage. got some work done on this site and Cornerstone’s site tonight. felt pretty good about that. Cornerstone is going really well, after cornerstone Wednesday, i went out to La Fiesta with a few friends from there. Hope […]

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