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I would like to build something, but you’d never see it happen

9 June, 2009 (12:59) | Dreams

So, I realized something this morning.  I’ve been living in a dream world during my dreams.  There is an actual place that I visit repeatedly, and even help build.  This place has many ties to real places, like under the belle vernon bridge, the carnegie science center, and a few houses. Specific to last night, […]

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When you kill a kitten

24 March, 2009 (11:36) | Dreams

I did something pretty horrific in my dream last night.  I put a cute little black kitten in a microwave for about 30 seconds.  Then I did it again.  After the second time, I took it out, and it was certainly messed up.  It couldn’t even walk straight.  I felt terrible.  I tried giving it some water […]

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I have a dream

18 March, 2009 (11:30) | Dreams

I have this dream too.  Sometimes college, sometimes high school.  I’m glad someone else does too. via: xkcd.com/557/

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Living is simple

24 February, 2009 (15:16) | Dreams

Last night I had a dream i was asked to speak infront of my old college ministry group, Cornerstone.  I have no idea why they chose me, but it was my present day self talking to what I would assume to be current students.  I got up and was so energetic and excited to talk to everyone.  I […]

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12 September, 2008 (12:14) | Dreams

I had this dream monday night and I think I have something here…I was on some sort of luxury cruise or on a resort or something like that, and there was a gambling room.  There was this large table set up, very much like a roulette table, with a numbered wheel, a tall grid of […]

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Cancerous dreams

22 August, 2008 (12:27) | Dreams

I really should stop eating right before I go to bed.  I think I have crazy dreams as a result.  Last night had a few different dreams, but the scariest one was when a doctor told me I had thyroid cancer.  He said that he wanted to start radiation treatment right away.  I said I […]

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