Personal Update

another week bites the dust

14 November, 2003 (16:51) | Personal Update

well i made an announcement on Wednesday for the Cornerstone forums and so far we have 8 members:) I am hoping more people will catch on.

My german candy is about half gone. that is some good stuff:) Yesterday I went into Touchtown (my second job) and gave some troubleshooting tips to everyone there. Hopefully we will get some contracts signed with some organizations and the customer base will sky rocket. Pretty quiet there now.

Serah bailed on us this weekend:( i was looking forward to seeing her this weekend, but she might come in now for Thanksgiving.

Just bought 3 Relient K tickets for me, Deirdre and Keren this coming Monday at Club Laga. That should be a good time.

other than that, not too much else going on yet. Seems like americans don’t know how to use a Guestbook 😉


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