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18 November, 2003 (00:30) | Personal Update

high dee ho people. 21 came and went. only a few people cared to notice, and i thank you all for that. Really means a lot to me. especially in the funk that i have been in recently. Still not alcohol for me though.

keren is a short concert pooper. she wanted to leave early from the concert cuz we were out too late. What is that?!?! Relient K rocked, and made me laugh. Just what i was looking for in the night.

Just got word that Serah is dissing us for Mike for thanksgiving…I guess i am alright with that, but he better be for good. none of this, I love/hate/love/like/hate stuff anymore, k Serah? my mom also invited a student named Tirza to dinner….she is from afar, so she doesnt have any family to go to….ugh, i hate HAVING to feel fine with this just because it is the holiday. I know, i know, i feel heartless, but i just want to be with my family. i think having her there would just be a distraction and we would spend time trying to include her, and fill it with small talk, rather than a good ol’ family get together. but heck, serah isnt going to be there, turn our house into a city mission right??

Heavy Equipment made it even more evident that AMERICANS DON”T KNOW HOW TO USE A Guestbook 🙂


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