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another day

14 January, 2004 (12:47) | Personal Update

So i guess you want an update. well, you came to the right place. nothing too crazy to say this week though. I saw cops chasing a guy on the bus ride home from work on Sunday. That was interesting.

My mass communication proffessor is so inteligent. Her vocabulary is amazing, and everything she said was so thought provoking, i really enjoyed that class monday. hopefully that will continue. I am kind of leaning towards a philosophy major at this point though.

not really too much going on to announce either. still getting back into the swing of things. my room is a wreck. I am hungry. Cornerstone is going great, I am mad at Serah, again, for being a bum and never calling me. But she doesnt care, she doesnt read my webpage.

i have been playing around with a new song, that might go up saturday, i think that is the day i will get around to finishing it up. stay tuned.

that’s pretty much it, Jordan still has the space invaders high score, J’aime beat his tetris score, i am thinking about getting a bot for the forum. Stay warm!


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