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2b or not 2b?

18 April, 2004 (11:44) | Personal Update

Let’s see…I went out for some ultimate frisbee at 9-11pm on thursday.  had a blast.  Also saw a guy *jump* into a tree, not just run into it.  He was going for a goal, looking over his shoulder at the frisbee, and BAM.   man, that was the funniest thing i have seen in a long time.  I think he ended up getting 4 stitches.  He was a bloody mess, and his face was swollen.  Straight out of america’s funniest videos.  Glad he is alright though.

John Kerry was on campus friday morning.  but get this…Jon Bon Jovi openned for him.  A bon jovi concert, at 9 am none the less.  what the crap.  The rationale behind that one are unfathomable.  So, as you can guess, i slept until 1pm on friday.

Speaking of which, i did the same on Saturday.  Only, 1pm, turned into 1:30 pm.  I woke to the sound of my door buzzer.  J’aime was to pick me up at 1:30 to go to the ballet.  She had called me a 10:30 to let me know that, but i went right back to bed, expecting either her to call when she was close, Emily and Nathan to call to come see the apartment, or a tech call around noon.  Since neither happenned, I let everyone go to the ballet ahead of me, and i walked down later.  Adrienne had seen the show Friday night, and she informed me of an “openning” show, called Seranade.  Crap on that.  I showed up just in time for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  It did seem to go by very fast, but it was good.  The set was exquisite.

So here i am at work on sunday.  working on stuff for the dragon game.  over 200 players now.  I feel a headache coming on though, a newer version of the game is to be released soon, and many of the mods i have done to this version will not be able to be ported over. 

no cornerstone this week, but a big kickball game on wednesday afternoon.  I havent played kickball since heritage hills.  that should be killer.  other than that, a whole lotta nothing this week.  andy’s this weekend with bob. 

and here is the clip of the X-files spin-off that aired in May 2001, that talks about the government flying a plane into the world trade center and blaming it on a small country.  Alex Jones must be having seizures.


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