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But when we wake. It’s all been erased. And so it seems.

27 October, 2010 (12:00) | Dreams

I’ve written before that I’m convinced [at least my] deja vu’s are my past dreams coming true.  Part of my dream blogging is an effort to prove that.  The hard thing is to separate the dreams from things that can possibly happen from the impossible, and then remember the non-remarkable dreams after waking, and the […]

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Hall’s Rules of Social Order #31

14 June, 2010 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Bathroom time is sacred and private.  If anyone else is with 5 feet of you while you are in the bathroom, this is unacceptable, especially in the case of hardware floors where sound travels far.  If it is unavoidable, I learned a trick from a teacher back at Heritage Hills.  Turn the faucet on full […]

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Friends are friends forever, if The Lords the lord of them.

16 April, 2008 (16:17) | Memories

Good ol’ Heritage Hills Christian Academy.  Bring your conservative christians, your social outcasts, your vagabond christian school seekers, your public school expellants, they’re all welcome.  I met some of my best friends there.  From 3rd grade to 9th grade, I learned a lot, grew a lot personally, and I attribute so much of my life’s […]

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invisibility and the end of the world

28 January, 2005 (21:55) | Dreams

I’m not sure if i should post just any dream i remember, or just the ones that are weird. What do you think? This next one, i woke up remembering the end part, and was just going to post that, but then i remembered all that happenned before it that wasn’t related, so i wasn’t […]

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2b or not 2b?

18 April, 2004 (11:44) | Personal Update

Let’s see…I went out for some ultimate frisbee at 9-11pm on thursday.  had a blast.  Also saw a guy *jump* into a tree, not just run into it.  He was going for a goal, looking over his shoulder at the frisbee, and BAM.   man, that was the funniest thing i have seen in a long […]

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