dleep deprived

2 August, 2004 (21:59) | Ramblings

working 4am to midnight now.  tough stuff.  getting home and sleeping til 6.  thats what i did today anyway.  then a butt load of touchtown calls.  and why does it say i have been listenning to alanis morsette for the past week above?  i swear, i listen to other crap.  another thing on my list of crap to do, when i have time to do it.  This job thing isnt fun.  who’s idea was this anyway?  i was just starting to get used to the 7-3:30 shift last week.  oh well.  they pay me well.  my mind has been mush for the past week from not sleeping.  3 hours a night last week, woke up at 12 sunday, didnt go to be until 1 monday.  this adaptation stuff is hard.


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