Personal Update

here we go again

2 April, 2005 (09:07) | Personal Update

Coming into this month, I find myself in a few similar situations that i was in this time last year. I’m not in the depressing funk that i was in last year, i am a little more optimistic this time around. I am going with the mentality that this is my second chance to get it right. I was looking through the archive last year for personal updates, what a sad person i was.

Today i am going to go look at headstones for my brother and father. you may be asking yourself, “ummmm, didn’t your brother die back in 1990??” and the answer would be yes. I want to say that my father failed to honor my brother with a headstone for all that time, despite many interventions by many people about the issue, but I think the blame is about 90% his, because none of us took any measures besides talking to my dad about. After i got my job last october, i started to get my sisters involved in getting one, and almost did a few times, but those attempts stopped after my dad went into the hospital.

I’ve decided that i want to go more places on the weekends. I have plans to go out to philly to see mike doughty, to hang out with my cousin nate, to spend time with Mike pesce (serah’s “friend”), plans to go down to DC to hang out with serah, i want to go down to willamsburg, va to go to busch gardens, i want to go down to charlotte, NC to see my aunt/uncle and cousin, i want to go up to erie to hang with my uncle, record a little bit, and maybe see my grandma if she decides to move up there.

I don’t think i have mentioned that when my cousin moves out at the end of the month, Jordan Owen, a friend from highschool is going to be moving in. He works from 3-11pm as of right now, so we’ll never see eachother since i work 4am-noon, which may be a good thing. We’ll both have the apartment to ourselves when we are here, and on the times we are here together, we should be able to get along far better than what was witnessed before emily moved in. so i am excited for that to happen.

And despite my sincere wishes that it was all a big april fool’s prank, Mitch Hedberg did die this week. I am honored to have seen him live with my cousin a few years back. In my mind, his genius was the best type of genius there is. Stuff that makes you laugh, think, and question why things are the way they are. He was the best.