high speed ambulances

24 September, 2005 (15:05) | Ramblings

So i am coming home on a 2 lane highway, going about 65 mph, and there is an ambulance in the right hand lane. It has all those crazy lights it has going wild, which is enhanced by it being 10:30 at night. So i am slowly approaching it, and i am hit with this sense of not knowing how to act to its presence. am i allowed to pass it? do i just get behind it? if i do pass it, am i allowed to get in the right hand lane infront of it? I am quickly approaching it, and everyone else that was infront of me passed it, so i did. at one point, i could see in the back windows, and i saw an EMT girl turning around getting something from the wall cabinet and turn back around to what i can guess is someone on a stretcher. I forget at what point, but some where between 10 feet behind and 10 feet infront of it, it gives out a loud “whoop” once. Why? was it trying to tell us it wants over? there are about 4 cars immediately infront of me. With all those lights going, it’s kind of hard to notice a turn signal. What does it want? What can i do to help this ambulance get to its destination? I felt dirty passing it. And really, if i can pass it, and it has someone in the back, why can’t they go faster? why have its lights on at all? or, if it is an emergency, why not it’s sirens too?

granted i never read my driver study book before i got my permit, so maybe i missed something, but dang, what a weird thing.