10 October, 2005 (15:05) | Ramblings

So mike doughty’s latest album is called “Haughty Melodic.” seems like a phrase typical of mike. I am just now coming to realize that “Haughty Melodic” is an anagram for “Michael Doughty.” Pretty cool. So i went to find out what other anagrams i could make from people’s names, here. There’s nothing cool for my name, but, turns out “Almighty Douche” is the only other anagram for michael doughty, with words made of 5 letters or more. That’s pretty darn funny. That’s enough for me not to name my album “haughty melodic.” No need to draw attention to the anagrams after that.
http://www.wordsmith.org/anagram/advanced.html serah jo hall = hear all josh