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high class wannabes

12 October, 2005 (15:05) | Thoughts & Ideas

This was actually an idea I hate a while back, but i’m just reminded of it now, with the scottish island. I think a website, for people to get together on joint ventures would be useful. like, a bunch of middle class people want to buy an island, someone posts the idea on the site, gets some people interested, they each give their share to the website, who acts like 3rd party, and the site would see to it that eveyone is included in the lease or what have you. it could be used on special occassions, like people who want to rent a hummer limousine for valentines day, but can’t afford it on their own. or people who want to try a glass of cristal. I dunno, i think there are applications for it, and the site would just be like a trustworthy friend to make sure everyone pays their share and no one runs off with the money.


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