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here i am, but i’ve never felt more lost

17 October, 2005 (15:05) | Personal Update

october. It went from 70 degree weather to 50 in the matter of a day or two. i’m not happy. effing october.

Went down to annapolis this weekend with my sisters to hang out with serah. it was a good time. we didnt really do all that much, but it was nice to hang out. it’s actually one of the rare moments when it is just us siblings, no mom, no significant others.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with school the past few weeks. statistics having homework due twice a week, a test, and another test this friday. but, it’s over after that. I had a test in my communication last monday, and it sucked. i guess starting next week, i am going to have the monday night class, and then a tuesday night class. whose bright idea was that? effing A. I was thinking about going somewhere for my birthday, i took off the whole week from work, but with those classes, it makes it pointless. I think i might just keep saving up my money and get stuff down around the apartment that week.

this wednesday is a mike doughty concert. Don’t know who i am going with yet, but hopefully i will be able to find someone.

another thing that is starting to take precedence over other items is estate business. it’s a race against the weather to try and get the roof fixed by winter, and we don’t have any money to work with. it’s drama central. trying to set up deems’ park as a business too, hoping that will be beneficial to our situation. I am trying to meet with some small business volunteers this thursday to go over all of our options.

nothing else is new with me. life goes by faster than i can enjoy it.


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