no more license

22 December, 2005 (15:05) | Dreams

i was sitting in a store, that was right across the street from where i used to catch the bus in oakland, by the public health building. a friend was there with me, and she had to leave for class. we were both parked right outside. so she gets into this black car that she had just bought. it was like an elentra or something. she gets in, and make a left at that intersection (i am remembering now that’s one way, the opposite way, but it was the opposite way in the dream). I stopped looking when she made the turn, but i looked back up a few seconds later, and see her running to the curb holding some girls hand, abandoning her car in the middle of the road. then her car peels off. she run back to the store, and tells me that some guy stole her car. and i stood up and said, “should we chase him??!” then i said lets go. we jump in my car and take off for it. I am jumping curbs, bluring past red lights, driving through bushes and lawns, and then we get on this divided highway thing, and i see flashing lights in my mirror. we had been driving for like 2 minutes, and never caught up to the car. i slammed on my brakes so fast when i pulled over, that the cops ended up stopping far in front of me. the get out, ask me for license and registration and all that, and i am crying saying that her car was just stollen and we were chasing him down just so we’d know where it went. a few minutes later, they come back to the car with this like dark green sticker, about 2 inches square and tell me to have a nice day. it has black text on it, and i start reading it, and it a lot of legal jargon, but basically it says, Joshua hall will not be permitted to drive or own a car again until 2079.


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