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park on the drive way

14 December, 2007 (11:57) | House Ideas

I want a really long black top drive way.  I think i’d like the house to be back in the woods a little bit, but I always loved houses that sit far from the road ominously.  Not too much of a wind in the road, but maybe an S shape to it.  Something that kids can sled ride on though.  Which would be a hard thing to do if I put in a heated driveway, but that’s what I want too.  I love the look of white snow trimmed up to the black driveway, and naked trees dotting the path.  Almost morbidly dark and mysterious, but that’s what I like about winter.  I also want a nice sized paved area next to the house/garage, enough for a half court basketball game.  I also want a cul de sac like how you see in the old english movies, just a big loop and maybe some sort of fountain in the middle, but a decent sized area in the middle so that you can put some benches or something.


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