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Hall’s Rule of Social Order – #70

29 October, 2012 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Cops can ruin your day. Maybe even your life.  Don’t mess with them.  Even if you detect them trying to ensnare you in mind games, don’t call them out on it.  Just respond with unemotional facts.  Seek resolution promptly.  Nothing is worth the fight.

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Hot water freezes faster than cold water

17 February, 2012 (12:00) | FYI/DIY

It’s called the Mpemba effect.  It’s a weird phenomenon that has been repeated, but not effectively recreated.  I had heard about it a long time ago, something like a friend told me to put hot water in the ice tray so that it would freeze faster.  It doesn’t seem like that’s entirely valid, but maybe. […]

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Even if you think it is a little silly, folks

24 February, 2011 (10:08) | News

There are some crazy things going on in Montana politics right now.  Something about tea party, republicans, blah blah blah. here are just a few: 1.  Legalize hunting with hand-thrown spear (Senate Bill 112) 2.  Create fully-armed militia in every town (House Bill 278) 3.  Allow legislators to carry weapons in the Capitol (Senate Bill […]

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