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Hot water freezes faster than cold water

17 February, 2012 (12:00) | FYI/DIY

It’s called the Mpemba effect.  It’s a weird phenomenon that has been repeated, but not effectively recreated.  I had heard about it a long time ago, something like a friend told me to put hot water in the ice tray so that it would freeze faster.  It doesn’t seem like that’s entirely valid, but maybe. […]

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I could be your super hero

15 June, 2011 (12:00) | Poll the People

I wish I could be invisible.  Yeah, flying is nice, but it sounds tiresome.  I think invisibility has at least the possibility of happening, I mean, as soon as we figure out how to bend light.  

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Top 10 geek songs

16 March, 2010 (12:00) | Top 10

The list comes from CNN, but I went ahead and got the youtube links for each track. “She Blinded Me With Science,” Thomas Dolby “Dare to Be Stupid,” Weird Al Yankovic – Of course Weird all has to be there.  I’d actually put something like “All about the Pentiums” or “White & Nerdy” on the […]

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Swallow it down; what a jagged little pill

24 February, 2010 (14:14) | Top 10

The internet is a place of free information by people just like you and me.  Sure, the quality of that information varies greatly, but it’s still information.  As they say, Human knowledge belongs to the world!  So here are the top 100 documentary movies free to watch online.  There are some real gems in there. […]

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