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Words… are… slowly demeaning their meanings

2 September, 2011 (12:00) | Thoughts & Ideas

Talking with Chris Olivieri one day, we got into how cursive is useless and shouldn’t be taught any more.  If we wanted to teach children how to write differently, teach them a different language.  To take that a step further, you could teach everyone in the world the same extra language.  That might draw us all a […]

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“In pace requiescat!”

29 April, 2004 (03:13) | Ramblings

Well, I just got done watching Donnie Darko again.  In the movie, Drew Barrymore says that a famous linguist once said that “Cellar Door” was the most beautiful word in the english language, which leads him to his destiny of going into Grandma death’s cellar door.  From what i have researched so far, the original […]

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