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iHome iW1 wireless rechargeable home speaker with Airplay review

30 September, 2011 (14:59) | Reviews

  So this device was announced back in September of 2010 when Apple announced their Airplay technology. I was stoked for this technology. Kallie wanted a way to play her music in the kitchen, and throughout the house for that matter, and her laptop speakers…well, they’re laptop speakers. I didn’t want to go buy a […]

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Hall’s Rule of Social Order #246

18 July, 2011 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Never completely trust what a computer tells you. The reason is, computers are made by humans.  Humans lie, they can be stupid,  and they are prone to errors.  These 3 points go viral when inputted into a computer and subsequently released onto the internet.  Some people say that computers, the internet, and Google are making […]

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the zoo maps of tomorrow

6 September, 2004 (07:59) | Thoughts & Ideas

just got back from the metro parks cleveland zoo this weekend and thought about a new way to do the maps.  they should give you a durable plastic one with a gps tracker in it.  Then you can have a dynamic “you are here” light.  for large groups or families that split up, you could […]

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