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iHome iW1 wireless rechargeable home speaker with Airplay review

30 September, 2011 (14:59) | Reviews

  So this device was announced back in September of 2010 when Apple announced their Airplay technology. I was stoked for this technology. Kallie wanted a way to play her music in the kitchen, and throughout the house for that matter, and her laptop speakers…well, they’re laptop speakers. I didn’t want to go buy a […]

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all i want is an effing shamrock shake. please.

21 March, 2007 (01:07) | Ramblings

I can’t remember the last time i had a shamrock shake.  or anything from mcdonald’s for that fact.  call it nostalgia, call it curiousity, call it whatever, the fact remains, i want an effing shamrock shake, and i’m not getting satisfaction.  Every year when mcdonald’s offers the shake, i hear someone talk about it, and […]

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