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Hall’s Rule of Social Order – #188

21 May, 2012 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

People’s willingness to pay a price defines market price, and that line is always being tested. This is probably more of an obvious one, but the social implications are severe, in my opinion.  There are two evils at play here.  The first, a common negotiation strategy is to ask for twice of what you really […]

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Top 10 things you didn’t know about Steve Jobs

31 August, 2011 (12:00) | Top 10

Steve Jobs is an interesting fellow who has had quite the interesting life.  We’re probably reaching a point where some generations don’t know that he was actually fired from Apple back in the 80’s.  He went on to form Pixar, then sold it to Disney to become the largest single shareholder of Disney stock shares.  […]

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