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since when do i live in Canada?

24 January, 2004 (00:10) | Personal Update

ok, so last time i complained about it being cold, i lied. NOW it is cold. A frigid 6 degrees today. and i was outside for about 2 hours total. had to wait for Paul from NSS Life to pick me up at the T, and wouldn’t you know he took his good ol time […]

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the ramblings of a crazy man

11 December, 2003 (01:18) | Personal Update

I just got done watching the movie Love, Actually. What a beautiful movie! It is about the agony of love, and the many faces it has. Wonderful. and something i am really exited about. So now i have another title. Don’t ask me where that title came from though, i have no clue.:) Guess that […]

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movies and weather

9 December, 2003 (00:44) | Site Update

I put up a fairly detailed weather block to the right. let me know what city you are in, and your city code, and i will add it there. I am looking for one that will default to each user’s location, but i haven’t found one yet. I am working on getting the movie database […]

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New Features!

24 November, 2003 (01:54) | Site Update

Went crazy trying to add some new features to keep you guys busy, and keep you coming back. so here are a few of the things that i have come up with. Retro Games! that keep high scores! the Google search feature on the lower right the shout box in the lower left where you […]

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Lots of news today

7 November, 2003 (16:12) | Personal Update

crazy week. work is going well, i only got 2 phone calls in the past 2 weeks, and i get $75 a week, so this new arrangement is working out well *rubs hands with evil grin* working on a new website with a guy named Pete from Pitt. it is for a youthgroup on campus. […]

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